What happens when I buy a desktop plugin?

As soon as you complete the checkout, you will be sent an email with personal links to download both macOS and Windows installers. If you've opted-in during checkout, you will also receive email notifications when a new version of the plugin is released.

I've lost my download links for a purchased desktop plugin, can I recover them?

Yes, use the form below to get an email with all download links for the products you've purchased. The email has to be the one you've used at checkout. For privacy reasons, the form takes any valid email, but actually sends the message only if associated products are found.


I've installed an AUv3 plugin, but it doesn't show up in my host.

This sometimes happens and we as developers have no control over it. There is a similar macOS issue that can be worked around by terminating AudioComponentRegistrar processes. On iOS, users don't have this amount of control, so:

  • Make sure you are looking in the effects section, not in the instruments section
  • Restart your iPhone/iPad

What are your plans for Shoom and Xynthesizr?

We plan to release updates to Shoom and Xynthesizr to keep them working through iOS changes, but we're not actively adding features. That said, we're not abandoning the ideas behind these apps and plan to revisit them, altough we can't specify any time frames at the moment. If we release sequel apps for Shoom and Xynthesizr, we'll try our best to make them available at a discounted price for existing users.

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